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Pit Bridge (Left/Right)

Module Number: 1
Name: Pit Bridge
Owner: Kip Petzrick
Builder: Kip Petzrick
Year Built:
Type: Mountain POFF and bridge
Size: Two 2 x 4 feet modules
Central Features: Anchors ends of the pit bridge. The Pit Bridge can span 1-to-3 module-wide pits. Interchangeable scenery inserts (War of the Worlds and Tarantula shown in pictures).
Inspiration: Troubles using the mountain line.
I was intrigued by the mountain line when I first joined the club, but we were never able to actually use it because of problems associated with reversing loops. Howard Beall and I discussed this issue at a couple Fairfax Station layouts and I came up with the idea of the pit bridge anchored by two mountain POFFs. The loop needed for the turn allowed me to develop another idea, interchangeable scenery inserts.