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Module Number: 48
Name: Vidalia
Owner: Club
Builder: Jim Davis
Year Built:
Type: POFF
Size: 2 x 4 feet
Central Features: Crossovers from the red to yellow to blue lines.

This module was built to provide crossovers from red to yellow to blue. When all four turnouts are set to go from red to blue, the yellow line turnouts are electrically isolated. Thus, yellow line operation is not affected (as long as you do not try to run through the turnouts).

Turnouts are Number 8 and operated by spring wires from switches that route the power to the proper sides of the frog. Turnouts are manual and designated to be operated in pairs. Built by Jim Davis at no cost to NVNTRAK.

Based on Vidalia, GA which is a small farming town with the railroad running through the middle of town. North street is on one side of the tracks and South street is on the other side. It is still clear that at one point, the town was very dependent on the railroad for the delivery of its farm produce.