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Piedmont 2 – Rocky Run

Module Number: 50
Name: Piedmont 2 - Rocky Run
Owner: Jim Davis
Builder: Jim Davis
Year Built:
Type: Corner
Size: 3 feet
Central Features:

This module is one of a set of four with two POFFs and two 3 foot corners. They will go together in any order as needed for to support show layouts and each module has the alternate blue line. When used together crossovers from blue to alternate blue on the two POFFs will provide a passing and setup siding. The alternate blue line may be powered separately or from the blue line.

This module is relatively flat and works well as an inside corner.

Inspiration: The main objective on this module was to see what could be done to develop a rapidly running creek with lots of rocks and actually falling from the back to front of the module. The actual drop is about 1.5 inches. Module is designed to capture the rolling hills of the Piedmont area along Route 29 in Nelson County VA. The key feature of this corner module is the meandering creek that runs from left to right across the module.