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Piedmont 4 - How To

Module Number: 52
Name: Piedmont 4 - How To
Owner: Jim Davis
Builder: Jim Davis
Year Built:
Type: POFF
Size: 2 x 4 feet
Central Features: This module is one of a set of four with two POFFs and two 3 foot corners. They will go together in any order as needed for to support show layouts and each module has the alternate blue line. When used together crossovers from blue to alternate blue on the two POFFs will provide a passing and setup siding. The alternate blue line may be powered separately or from the blue line.
Inspiration: Built on two inches of foam over luan, this module was going to have an underpass and some local businesses as part of the four module piedmont set. Someday it may get finished. (Note: The NVNTRAK Board approved a deviation from the requirement that no pink or blue foam be visible on a show ready module.) This module has a lot of pink foam showing and demonstrates the stages of making a module. It was originally configured as a how to module on short notice to support the first National Train Day at Union Station. The module has gotten so much attention at shows that finishing it keeps getting delayed.