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Manata Gap

Module Number: 75
Name: Manata Gap
Owner: Bob Tucci
Builder: Nick Sklias
Year Built:
Type: POFF
Size: 2 x 4 feet
Central Features: Army base with airfield.
Inspiration: Originally built by Nick Sklias, this module depicts the Indiantown Gap Military Reservation at Manata Gap where he served from 1955 - 1965 in the Military Police.
The airfield is a depiction of Muir Field at Indiantown Gap that runs parallel to Fisher Avenue, the main highway that runs through the base. There are various aircraft lining the runway, including helicopters, one jet aircraft, and several Confederate Air Force aircraft, including a P-40 Warhawk, a P-51D Mustang, and an F4U-4 Corsair. Other vehicles around the base include HumVees, busses, a tanker truck, various civilian vehicles, and an MLRS (multiple launched rocket system). An Army train on a siding consists of flatcars with loads of M1A1s and M2s, a boxcar and a caboose.