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Possum Point and Quantico Creek

Module Number: 77
Name: Possum Point and Quantico Creek
Owner: John Cook
Year Built:
Type: POFF
Size: 2 x 8 feet
Central Features: Two module set with numerous scratch-built structures.
Inspiration: This pair of modules accurately replicates a section of the RF&P right-of-way along the Potomac River a few miles south of Washington, DC as it looked on Labor Day 1988. At that time a new single track bridge had been completed over Quantico Creek but the old two track trestle had not yet been torn down. The right hand module includes the two bridges and the boat landing, dock and recreational area on the Quantico Marine Base on the south side of Quantico Creek. The left side is dominated by Virginia Power's Possum Point Power Station on the north shore of Quantico Creek.

Everything on the modules is scratch built with the exception of two HO power transmission towers, a HO power distribution substation and a few vehicles. Scratch built items include several fishing boats, a picnic table and grill, about 1000 scale feet of chain link fence and two porta-potties as well as the bridges and power plant structures. The population of hand painted swimmers, fisherpersons, picnickers and power plant workers is about 20 and growing steadily.