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BRAC Flats

Module Number: 79
Name: BRAC Flats
Owner: Chester Freedenthal
Year Built:
Type: POFF
Size: 2 x 4 feet with 6 inch forward extension
Central Features: BRAC Flats' main features are a military base, city street and large park.

I worked on a Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) project for the US Army.

This is my second module. I wanted a module that I could display at set-ups, but also be able to use at home to run a train. Using a modified layout from the original NTRAK book I created BRAC Flats. Flats, because the module has no elevations at all and BRAC stands for Base Realignment and Closure, a military project I worked on for the Army. There are lots of detail and a totally independent loop. In order to maximize the space for my loop I offset the three main lines the maximum allowable curvature by adding six-inches to the front. This was also the first military-themed module in the club. At the front left, we have a small gas station at an intersection with the road continuing along the front ending on the right side. Along the left is small city block with several stores along a paved road, an auto accident, the entrance to the military base on the right and an entrance to a military airfield at the end of the road. The airfield has a few buildings, trucks, planes and a helicopter. The military base has a guard shack, headquarters and barracks, two industrial buildings, fueling area and water tower with dozens of trucks and people in many mini-scenes. Next to the military base is a large park with rides, a steam engine on display, miniature golf, petting zoo, food vendors and trees. A crossover allows access from the parking lot to a tennis court on the other side of the tracks. The right side of the module has a circus parade (which will have circus sounds) and a convenience store.