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DD & DM Mine

Module Number: 81
Name: DD & DM Mine
Owner: Gil Brauch
Builder: Gil Brauch
Year Built:
Type: Offset Mountain POFF
Size: Two 2 x 4 feet modules
Central Features: Sweeping S curve and reversing loop for the mountain line

This pair of modules constitutes The Northern Virginia NTRAK Subdivision of the DD&DM Railroad. The subdivision consists of two four-foot modules with NTRAK standard mainlines and an NTRAK mountain division. The left module (viewed from the front) has a return loop on the mountain division. The right module is in the shape of a four-foot corner, but has the mains offset to run through on a sweeping "S" curve. It also has an independent loop running below the level of the NTRAK main lines.

The DD&DM Railroad has re-located to North Carolina where it is more-or-less permanently anchored in the author's home layout.