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OLI Tower

Module Number: 82
Name: OLI Tower
Owner: Dave Freshwater
Builder: Dave Freshwater
Year Built:
Type: Mountain POFF
Size: 2 x 4 feet with 6 inch front extension
Central Features: Three types of grade crossings; orange line wiring supports varied operations.
Inspiration: Operation Lifesaver certification.

OLI Tower’s concept developed about the time that I completed my Operation Lifesaver certification. I wanted to be able to show the 3 types of active and passive devices that mark crossings, and do it with true scale details. Eventually, I hope to have working gates and flashers on the mains and flashing lights only on the Alternate Blue crossing. (I’ve got a flashing light device to try on the Alternate Blue sometime soon.) The grade crossing on the Mountain (Green) line will get the passive crossbucks.